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"A lot of people called it prison when I was growin up...but these are my roots & this is what I love (hate)" & other LETTER TO THE EDITOR rants

Denver Pittman

As I sit in my last couple of hours as an undergraduate at Georgia Southern University, I’ve been really trying hard to reminisce and realize the value of four years in Statesboro, Georgia. It is a hard thing to do. Granted, freshman year was a blur. It was fun, outgoing, crazy. All of those things 18-year-old kids love. Then there was sophomore year. I had come back from a semester out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (amazing) & was itching to get back into the grind of “school”. Junior & Senior year have crept by SLOWLY, but I still cannot believe that one more week will seal the deal with this town. The reason I’ve been thinking about it most is because of the city council meeting on campus the other day. Apparently, it was filled with students (getting extra credit). I wanted to take a moment to reflect on an editorial I found in the Connect on getting involved. It seems that maybe she had the right intentions, but the totally wrong idea. You see, history in all regards does not happen by sitting and watching other people; however, when you are a student in Statesboro, Georgia…change isn’t exactly in the cards. Don’t get me wrong, I hate to be all pessimistic on everyone, but I’ve sat here four years (one of which a city council member was my landlord) IN THE SAME TOWN. My first two years, students weren’t even allowed to vote or put in a say. In a town like this, old politics rules. It just does. So, granted, go get your extra credit but place large skepticism in where you’re going to get with fighting these old, white, anglo-saxon guys. Truthfully, we may fight the fight but the battle for students is hardly attainable in this town (despite the fact that the university brings about an incredible amounts of money). Last semester, I interviewed an 89-year-old alumnus professor who told me what it’s like to deal with kids (students) driving all crazy (drunk) all over town (Statesboro, all encompassing). Don’t get me wrong, this guy was quite a liberal man. But in a population of oldies, this is what ya get.

Good lord, I sound like a horrible activists but change just might never happen in small town (southern) America (Statesboro).

And if it ever does,

I won’t be sticking around to find out.