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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Because the next generation can speak for itself.

Denver Pittman

Around graduation for a college senior, you get that moment of hysteria when you wake up in a cold sweat wondering what the hell your going to do with yourself in three months. You start to wonder what constitutes the success of a human life? Where will you go and ultimately, how will you change what you set out to accomplish before the creep of disillusionment engulfs your youth’s persistance? Since the campaigns of Barack Obama in 2008, more youth and graduated alike grabbed a tangible piece of what it was like to become part of a process larger than themselves. Because of that, simply knowing that selfish motives or pride aren’t behind what I eventually do with my next couple of years sail forward seeking humanitarianism compacted inside a drive towards humility. In today’s media-soaked world, media literacy and the ability to critically organize thought processing is invaluable to the technology generation. While some know no further world than text message encoding, others in poverty stricken areas never even knew what it was like to own a phone (forget a book). Organizations like Youth Speaks help to awaken a sleeping giant much like that of alienation, silence, and neglect of the marginal mind. The non-profit organization empowers a generation that will lead our country, one that is not capped by race, gender, or sexual orientation. Whether most want to accept it or not, the world is becoming more unified as sociatal bounds open up to acceptance of new ideas and alternative lifestyles. This is the change that was spoken of in 2008—the kind that we can feel inside the depths of our connection to other human beings. It wasn’t the political rhetoric or empty cut-throat promises that kept us believing in the power of journalism and the media, but the benefit of non-profits much like Youth Speaks whose lungs have been filled with air due to a rise in compassion in America. Critical writing spurs social change and teaching youth how to channel their voices truly spawns potential progressive movement. Though the team was founded in 1996, the organization has been fueled by a stronger, more elastic strive towards trumping illiteracy, creating a new wave of journalism that doesn’t account for the air-headed tv talkers but rather gets back to the basis of the origins and purposes of language and communication. It is our voices that have carried us to learn who we are, and it is this same voice that will whisper into the ear of an unlikely generation and fuel new hope for a broken world.