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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Denver Pittman

distorte: ‘This is the life,’ they say. I say it too. I said it this afternoon, after we’d packed a swing-top bottle of elderflower cordial and a salad of rocket and spinach and a half a wedge of brie and two apples and three carrots and a tub of houmous and two peanut-butter balls dipped in chocolate into a bag with our books and a rug, and walked far out into the centre of the park where the grass is long and hawthorn flowers and deer pass by more often than people do, and spread out our rug and ate and read in a flattened circle of green so tall that even sitting up it was something you looked out over. A forest of grass. We think we know grass, but it is usually lawns we are thinking of. It is something very different where we are not involved. ‘This is the life,’ I say, realising that in the past I had always thought this expression to refer to some universal notion of a good experience. An abstract, empyrean lifestyle that, in a moment of particular bliss, was approximated. But I had it wrong. ‘This is the life,’ I exhale. ‘The life’ being a personal, private shape of happiness I have carried around with me since I began to hope for and fear the future. I lie in the crook of her waist, feeling her pulse through the back of my neck, eating a novel and drinking the sun, and I pause, and I realise: ‘Ah. Here it is. It is real after all.’
Later the sun was very hot and I got grumpy. Summer heart.
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