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Longmont, CO

thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Fire & Trees, poetry and tea.

Denver Pittman

Inspiration comes in waves and it dialates. 

It smooths my edges and sometimes taints my creativity. 

It is in the form of circles, shapes. And leaves. But I cannot leave.

Incredible, magical things. And they are taking shape before me, but sometimes. Numb.

I can be so incredibly tangible. I can be so far away.

I adhere, I hew. I stick so diligently to what once was. I can feel myself pulling away, like velcro. Each little stem detatching. Peeling. 

And it all, normality. Cut through my breaths like a veloce human knife. And emotions, cut deep. When I am bored with reading, I follow my green eyes down beneath the earth. I open my heavy lids, and they bleed. Crumbles of soil. My nose runs out, I cannot cry.

This. It is clean. And it comes in waves. And now I am floating. And it’s an ocean. A faithless pool, azure. It is not very optimal, goggles fog. As glasses, in winter. A slow hazy color that bursts from the sides. I am dialated. And so are you, bloated with intention. I spent time here. A mild time of confusion and lust. Ringing, ears. Ringing, mind. I’ve you, in mind. 

And I can’t stop the sounds. But they keep me grounded.

The waves, they are important. They knock me under because,

down there,

there are things I should see.