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Longmont, CO

thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Free Each Other.

Denver Pittman

Colorado, my Love,

My stomach twists.

Infliction! An imperative sentence. A seemingly accidental force, we all acquiesce. Hope exists in time. Time belongs to you.

We haven’t come too far, we haven’t come far enough. My heart fell on the floor. Consummation. As an immigrant to fear, you fall eerily short. I cannot remember thoughts, notes are sticky in my mind. A distant illusion.

Far from where we’ve been, you and I. We grow, together. Corporeality? When, so close to spiritual thought. Bathing. Water streams outside and in my mind. You see, you and I are different and the same. Night closes in, neither of us are afraid. Because. Darkness lives in my backyard, as a neighbor to the light. Your breath, hot. The soul, cold. My life, fragile.

Be steadfast and kind with us. Minute. Details. Don’t remind me. It’s unequivocal reality.

Our souls, pliable. Elasticity. We are stretched. It is in this moment you remind us to reach, beyond.

I’ll have the hard conversations, I promise. I’ll create the energy. I’ll fall short. I’ll live. Freely. Forgive me. I haven’t realized my timeframe.

You are only what you make of yourselves. Do not go on assiduously.

Love. Lose that vindication. Free each other. Free us.

Beat on, (boats against the current) this heart. You are my home. You inspire, with your grandeur. Remind us, in the colors, of our purpose.

You are tired, your tears are hot. But you inspire. Your cheeks will be re(a)d.