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Hipster Dance Party, say what?

Denver Pittman

Chuck Klosterman analyzes the likes of Kurt Cobain with David Koresh. Oh come on, no I’m not saying I’m that clever. Ok, whatev’s, just chew on these: 

Too all the Le Tigre’s who are the Susan B’s of yesterday, we salute you. You know those days when you just get done with your day & feel no signs of wanting to party (despite how lame your friends think you are). Well perhaps, Le Tigre’s Decaptacon can either pump you up or, you know, stop your heart. Regardless, it will remind you that you’re just “out of fuckin time”.

These lyrics have got to be the epitome of jibberish punk rock.

Who took the bomp from the bompalompalomp? 
Who took the ram from the ramalamadingdong? 
Who took the bomp from the bompalompalomp? 
Who took the ram from the ramalamadingdong? 

Forget the words, we just want to dance and er, engage in other not-so-legal activities.  

Secondly, how clever is Blur (Song 2). I’ll be damned if Virgin Records didn’t surprise me once again. This song is fairly brilliant, in a Kurt-Cobain-Smells-Like-Teen-Spirit (KCSLTS) kind of way. See evidence here. Ok, whatever, anyways. It’s 8:30 a.m. & I feel like raging. I never feel like raging. This song is a KCSLTS success.

Have you seen Ladytron? I’m pretty positive they’re vampires or, you know, anything superhuman. At least the milky skin matches the smooth vibe. The technocrastic swing is empowering here. And, being a lyromaniac (?), I can’t resist the twisted tale of a used up beauty queen with lesbian fringe. Wicked.

Jesus H., The Breeders are selling out. But at least the video was cool? Catch your breath & hold it. These sick beats don’t last & the feedback on that amp will crash soon. Because the true Indie Anthems are dead & dying son, & the Breeders got the Last Splash.  

Stay tuned for continuous coverage of this review. For now, I must pretend like school is more importantly that me & my computer listening to music. OKbye.