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Hipster Dance Party Take 2

Denver Pittman

Sunshine go away today, I don’t feel much like dancin’

Or. Maybe I do. Revert here for the beginning of these shenanigans. 

Lady’s (& Son’s), this is part deux. 

Alright, so we left off with the death of indie (shaped) anthems. 

Onward, to more important (and eerily similar) responses. —> Next up is a blissful Madonna spin off [and what a clever little name(y)]. But treally, (t for effect), it really is a little much for me. I’d rather listen to the Lady herself. Can you give Sonic Youth a thumbs down on public blogsphere? I do.

Shake your booty. Or do some serious drugs. Or both. Next up is the frikkin dance party anthem. At 7.5 MINUTES, you’re gonna need a glass of water/champagne/liquid cocaine by merely listening & sitting. New Order encapsulates a good time with Blue Monday

The Rapture caught some throwback Letterman. I dig that. Pitchfork railed them at #16 of greatest in 2000. And I’m not even that annoyed by the failed-to-commercially-catch-on cowbell. 

Join me in maybe the weirdest song/group/promotional video I’ve ever seen. This is like Weirder that Al. And, moving on. 

I’ve been saved. By the Strokes. Someday is just literally one of the best collections of indie pop ever. These guys were the Kings of NY cool. Garage rocks meets blow your head off with excitement? Yes. I’ll have a double. Britpop's Elastica follows the Strokes on this dealio contraption from which I listen. In other words, there was really no hope here. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt & say it totally makes me nostalgic for the 90s (and Saved by the Bell and Blossom and Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Alanis Morisette and Rock Feminism and Scream). 

NYC hardcore Girls Against Boys strikes up next in Distracted rvs (#7), I didn’t dig it. Imitation toy rock? I won’t bother to post. Go find it yourself, if you dare.

I won’t lie to you, the saxophone is Honey White from Morphine tickles my fancy. And that hat on the drummer is enough to make you listen/watch once or twice more. This song is so cool, it drips with enthusiasm and taking indie hard rock into a new underworld level of suave-mixed-in-serendipity. Cool. Then there’s the Postal Service. And no matter what mood you’re in, they’re almost always interesting, at worst. But Ben Folds really rocks (knocks) the socks (shit out) off (of) the original version of Such Great Heights. Go on, see for yourself. 

Short, unnecessary pause, deep breath, sit up straight..And..Radiohead. And they’ve just never been sour. Idioteque is brillaint & odd shaped. I’m looking at this square world with round glasses.

Ahhh and The Ramones with Blitzkrieg Bop. Pleasantry. Makes you want to dance & weep, except not the latter. The Smiths, too. They’re effing brilliant in every. single. way. The hipstozanny bible forbids me to comment in any positive way to the Ziggy Stardust (or is he?) track. But to seal the deal, Joy Division jars us that no matter how bad/good this album sucked/prevailed:

Love Will Tear Us Apart.

All in all, a brilliant cacophony of sound. Alright, you can return to regular programming.