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HP (rather than hip hop) has (maybe) saved my life (a little bit).

Denver Pittman

For a Harry Potter ‘virgin’ (so to speak) myself, not having seen any of the films until about 5 days ago, I’ve got to say I’ve become quite emotionally invested. Fads are hideous, in my personal opinion (this is not just hipster garbage, I legit cannot stand the way things catch on for no real meaning). For me, it was a process where I did not wish to go to Harry Potter, but rather Harry Potter came to me. Ok, Ok, I know…sounds really elementary but hear me out. 

The Harry Potter series, in transcendence, is powerful in symbology. Let’s review:

1. The undying devotion of the 2 main characters to the protagonist (even in seeming betrayal/death/suspected antagonism)

 The importance of community and faith unseen

2. Protaganist’s metaphorical (and actual) controlling of free will & power (see wand, elder) in order to shape his own world.

The importance of understanding power and using it correctly (also seen in Spiderman).

3. Every character’s longing to “make things right” in every sense. Every action has a reaction, which resolves itself in each consecutive film. 

 The need for forgiveness, redemption, and support in times when it is hardest to give. 

In retrospect, any one consumer of literature can argue that sometimes a story is just a story and nothing should be seen beyond what it is at face value. But that perspective is just a bit malaise.

If Harry Potter didn’t clear up (if only just a little bit) the dirty window that we call life then perhaps you just weren’t watching close enough. I guess what I’m trying to say is…

All I Ever Really Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten Harry Potter*.

*all due respect to Lupe Fiasco (who may have also taught me quite a bit).