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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

i will be with you when you lose your breath.

Denver Pittman

Jeff Mangum is so intentionally vague that it blows my humble mind. A relationship based on trashy sex or a verbal masterpiece? In the history of my existence, I have rarely been so moved. Layer upon layer upon…layer. Soak this up & let it invade the seat of your soul. Don’t let the interpretation lift a finger outside of your own thoughts. Unarguably, this. is. sex., but beyond the innuendo, NMH speaks to the insides of human need-the common desire to be wanted and to crave. The character speaks of an emptiness in the pit that can be satisfied with only a physical connection with another human being. The family, the metaphorical home life, the sickly conditions of the natural world—when everything can still simply lay down and blend into itself. This songs screams of finding a strange comfort in swimming naked through life sometimes taking a weird ride, putting on different faces to find our own. A seemingly fornicating prose, ”we move to feel for ourselves inside some strangers stomach” can be much more than phallic. How many times do we look inside another soul to see our own reflection instead of peering intrinsically?