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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

It is Yellow.

Denver Pittman

Out there. You. And everyone else. We are alone and together. It is Fall. We share this human need to look at each other. Really look. And Smile. <real ones> Glance, say hello. We walk on water for each other. Out there. We disagree on nothing. All is the same. And beautiful. Never passing too quickly. Slowing, heeding.

Moments, they stick to each other like glue and run down the sides of our minds. Nectar, our hands. And we are still looking for somewhere to place them. Hands down, we do not know time. Climbing. Far up the sides of this grey. It’s a gray day. A facade. Misrepresentation. This is innocence. It is Yellow. We are Green.

In here. Cold. We teach one another to divide. And divided, we live. Into the blanketed skyline, outside. I miss it. That antiquated way. That coexistence. Mesh. Feel. Feel together. but we are alone (today). Breathing in and out, return. Close your eyes. You and me. And everyone else. Your skin, an armor. A brisk wind. Straight through a hollow frame. When, so short ago, full. Depth. & Human relationships. Those minor details. Seek and find. It is Fall, but warm. The air is thick.

Out there, We cut it. Like glass. Smooth edges, Just to see. Really see one another. Because, out there we are one. We are alone and together. [Perhaps] All is well. To be a little Out There.