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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Many have dreamed of bringing peace, but eventually, we always have to wake up.

Denver Pittman

Visually enchanting at worst, the political whirlwind that tries to latch itself to the tails of James Cameron’s epic blockbusting masterpiece should back down. After growing to the second highest grossing movie in the history of its kind, its clear quite a few side with the idea that the cinematic altruism that is seen deep within the plot of the movie lies not within racial bounds but as a target for a greater crusade for environmentalism and the fight against the destruction of natural earth. This film spits on nearly irrevocable social ills & instead seeks to focus on an available change: environmental consciousness. We can all just simply hope for that in the end our own oneness may overcome the corporate greed that seeks to destroy it. If anything, it is a blur of positive multiculturalism, honored feminism, & a call for the naturalness of pantheism. It rips the ugliness wide open from the seams of an undeserving war where children bear the brunt…perhaps this eery realism alone answering in a three dimensional way what made some feel a tad uncomfortable.