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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

riding in (gondy)cars with boys(and girls).

Denver Pittman

I’d like to think that twenty years from now, we’d all be way more disappointed by adventures we didn’t take than those that we shy away from. Seems cliche, and in fact, it actually pretty much is exactly that. But the meaning of the “saying” goes much further than we actually take into account. When I think about the spectrum of things done, I start to realize how much people regret. It’s absolutely and erratically beautiful that we can pick up the pieces of the puzzle (or the shards of broken glass, depending on the way you see your situation) and reevaluate the way we want to see things. I spent a lot of my day watching CNN, which is valuable and depressing all at the same time. And, though this encompasses a lot of my days, because A. I happen to love a good political ranting and B. I have a lot of time on my hands, it struck me that there is so little to fret in the large perspective. For some reason, it gave me this weird passion to try a lot of crazy things. Because, truthfully, this IS how it works—you are, in fact, young until you’re not. What if we were good at everything we tried and we had substantial knowledge about everything we “pretended” to know? Think about all of the lessons missed, the opportunities squashed by perfection. I used to be a gigantic perfectionists, blaming myself for all of the misevaluations/misjudgments that were adventure in disguise. And then I moved out West. In the summer of my 20th year, I became a different me. I stopped caring about the this and that’s of right and wrong. And started believing more in the existential universe that keeps moving while we stand still in awe. I learned to be patient with myself. Not giving up on my passion just because I needed some practice being me. The possibilities then became endless. A couple of summers ago when I stopped looking for someone who wasn’t me, I ran into myself. And since then, it has been in days like this, when you can’t think that life can get any sweeter, I’ve been thankful for the run-in. Open your eyes, breathe, take every single opportunity and squeeze it until it bursts. Never look back, never look forward. In truth, there is nothing quite better than a day on the river, waiting for the next big thing.