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Longmont, CO

thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.


Denver Pittman

Wheels wheel down something that looks a little like a staircase. But it is dark. Darker than average. Averagely dim. Everyone starts to squeeze toes, cramming them deeper into their shoes. Cramming their hearts deeper into their bellies. This season was about something a little different. 

It was a little much. More about questions than answers. And we had spent thousands of moments like this. But this seemed to be different. A little off-centered. I guess we had spent so much time perfecting our views of ourselves. Mirror images. Even your shadow leaves you when it’s dark.

Consider these conscious thoughts. You are in several different places. Sense your location. 360 degrees on centrifugal thoughts. Centrifugal motion. Move. Move me. Forward. Change my thoughts. Change us. 

Wheels in my mind are dark. But the crisp, light consciousness breathing around me dims the bland. We will be ok; we have no other choice. 

Go somewhere beyond where you know yourself. Exposure. Peel away the skin of the old. That is when you see it. That is when it is real.