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The Great Communicator--Stay the Course

Denver Pittman

Perhaps we were all a little smitten with the audacious prose of the Great American President who stood before us strong rather than humble in a time of utter disaster. Though there have been countless commentary on what he did wrong and the unfinished promises that hit replay from the 2009 election, there is much to be said that the President of the United States certainly has a way with words. Thematically, he had his act together. The problems in America today are the same we faced since the 18th century—with different names & often playing a trickier, different game. However, our division lies in the partisan partnership that is void in political decision. Though today is but the tip of the Jacksonian/Federalist iceberg, where statesmen were blatantly bullet-ed on the congress floor, everyone seems to have become a bunch of cowardice ninnies who need the last word.

Say what you want about Barack Obama.

But bite your tongue when it comes to saying he’s fallen off the wagon. This man still has his agenda in tact, despite the adversity. After all, he “never said change would be easy”. Or any time soon for that matter. It agrees that Obama is perhaps the greatest (and most mischievous) wordsmith of his time; yet, the “proof is in the pudding”. The parallel to researched history is valuable and apparent. It makes no generalization like most boisterous talking heads and it simply asks for a comparison between two great American communicators.