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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Denver Pittman

There’s nothing like sitting outside on a day sent straight from the sky, drinking a good coffee [99 cents. not corporate starbucks] and taking life lessons from a true soul survivor (not akon). I challenge anyone to “give ten minutes of your time” to colored 70s soul everyday; you will not leave disappointed. If you aren’t moved by the raspy voice, perhaps the torment will strike the depth of your heart—the pain, the honesty, the vulnerability. They say the best music is rooted in common experience. Bobby Womack’s mentor, Sam Cooke, perhaps taught him what it was like to be “souled out”—a branch out from the gospel music of the day. When others were “going straight to hell”, Cooke & Womack rang out the funky steps of the secular world. In 1964, for just a moment, time stood still when Cooke was murdered. Though Bobby lived through the pain, perhaps he never was able to leave the death of his mentor & friend. Though successful, he lived in his shadow for the rest of his career..never gaining the true respect he deserved for his vast responsibilities for the birth of Rhythm & Blues in black america. Dig it. Help reinvent soul, this time with Bobby in mind, giving just 10 minutes.