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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

wear black. we're going to a funeral.

Denver Pittman

Let us dabble in a small bit of pascal’s wager, shall we? Taxes support public schools. Americans (who shall not be named) chose to lower taxes ignominiously. Therefore, lower taxes (and said nameless) had a hand in the demise of public education. Weird, huh? Since its inception, America has battled between isms of all sorts: capitalism…socialism…commu…yeah ok, so you get it. Regardless of what facet that has been chosen over the years by president this and that, the true values have been based upon an ebb & flow of laissez faire & government crutch. Finding the middle ground upon which we can give and take was largely erupted in recent years by a certain selfish arrhythmia in the heartbeat of the nation. Somewhere along the lines, passion for humanity was blurred on account of greedy incentive. The recession began to represent something that would break us rather than something that would build us. The rich are merely getting richer, privatizing institutions (or simply sending their children to existing said institutions) while the poor lose funds daily and jobs to the avg professor at john doe university reach frightening foreclosure. But what does all of this mean? Beyond Keynes vs. Heyak…more than politically love affairs…beyond the blame: the heart of the issue is that the death of education is upon us. No matter the wagers we place or the complaints we scream out with parched throats, we must virtually sit in our own shit. Perhaps, for a long time we will not return to that from which we came… before this great mess. In this economy & in these budget deficiencies, it will take much more than a small dream but a movement. A movement away from the selfish greed that lives inside American soil, an interruption that will cause us to seek the greater good. It has been said that scare tactics produce results. It is my greatest hope that compassion will spur from the tragedy of this academia funeral.