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thoughtcassette is a lifelong art project created by Denver Lewis, focused on visual poetry & prose.

poetry & prose.

Well, there's voices in the night trying to be heard I'm sitting here listening to every mind polluting word.

Denver Pittman

In the spirit of a new year, I love sitting down to write. I was Made to write my life. To write about the things that intrigue me. So here goes? Things that speak to the depths of my soul…it’s the people. Sometimes, in the busy life, I forget about the importance of seeing beyond surface coincidences. It’s often that people pass each other on the bus, headphones in tow, forgetting that the human interaction is what keeps us alive. I pass you, and you, and you. And I see inside of the people that matter. My new year’s resolution is to forget about the come and go of life and to find the joy in every. single. memory. Made with someone else. I miss a lot about home, but I love where I am going. I’ve noticed that there are many roads that lead everywhere but few that lead back to where you come from. Perhaps this is what keeps us moving, constantly thinking forward. Constantly dying to hear that voice calling us towards greater and more significant instances. I’ve been reading a lot. Reading allows me to stay in the moment where I remember what is good. A book releases the most interesting person in me that I’ve met. And half of me likes to believe that I’ve only discovered a mere fraction of the truth inside my mind. Books are people, too. Characters are people. The me that is me underneath the me that I attempt to recreate over and over again reminds me of that. You know how sometimes you hand out little fractions of yourself to others? Well, when you give a piece, you start to build this huge picture of yourself in your mind. Architect of Archetype. We are reflected by what others perceive of the blocks we hand them. Often, it’s the blocks that we throw, place, or hand to someone else that actually restructure the building of self. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s OK to let other’s shape you, as long as you have a grasp of the bigger. I will learn in this new year to surround myself with the good in others and eradicate the bad. Because the human life, even the souls we hardly touch (or believe so), is so incredibly vital to the way that we evolve. In the new year, let people change me. And let change. Let it change you. Let people in. Grow through the fact that every single interaction (not matter how small or large) tells your story. And whatever we do, let us not forget that we must tell our story walking.